Bhutan Festivals

Bhutan Festivals

Tshechus are annul festivals held in every

districts in Bhutan. Being held just once a year it

becomes a time for people to leave everything

behind and merry. It is the only time when most

rural folks get a respite from their back breaking

work. Families wait eagerly for this

event. Its even harder for youngsters to have the

patience when such events are a great


to see new dates and wear their Sunday best.

Tshechu, means the 10th day, its held on the


day of the Bhutanese calander to commemorate

Guru Rinpoche's birthday. Guru Rinpoche, called

the second Buddha was a great saint who

introduced Buddhism in Bhutan. He was one of

the great scholars who studied in the great


University (Bihar, India) which is in ruins now.

Guru Rinpoche visited Bhutan in the 7th century

and walk the entire length and breath of Bhutan

propagating Buddhist teachings.

The intricately hand woven dress worn during

festivals are especially saved for this special

event. A single female dress worn by a rich lady

would be nothing less than US$2000. Even the

poorest have a dress which cost about US$500.

These are kind of dress which families keep it

locked and are taken out only once a year for this

special event. Most families save for years to get

one of these dresses.

A finely woven female dress takes about an year

for completion.

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