Desert adventure in West Africa

Desert and ocean adventure in West Africa
Desert  adventure in West Africa
Chinguitty voyages

Desert adventure in West Africa

7 Days / 6 nights

Discover the ancient cities, beautiful oases, the charming desert in Mauritania and other natural and special places

Discover new cultures and enjoy a unique and magic experience

Do not hesitate, participate in this program and enjoy your lifetime trip

Distance covered: 1550 km

Validity: all the year

Points important:

Chinguitty: It was founded into 660 of Hégire (13th century). 7th holy place of Islam and classified world inheritance of humanity, the city of Chinguitty was a cultural and religious headlight important and a high place of meeting of the Ouest-africains pilgrims in departure for Mecque. Today still, it preserves in its libraries and museum rich in manuscripts and writings, of rare testimonys of the spiritual radiation of the city. It played also a very dominating economic part (relay caravaneer for the Trans-Saharan trade).

Ouadane: City founded with 12th and which counted 40 scientists per street, today it remains only some ruins of its prestigious mosque, of its library which jealously safeguard a part of its inheritance. Ouadane was used as Portuguese commercial counter in 1487. It was the first city to introduce the date palm in Mauritania

Tergit: the most known oasis and most impressive of Adrar; Palm plantation located at the bottom of the throat of a plate, cascades of and udder spring water of rock where the source of curative hot water, surrounded of luxuriant vegetation, adds magic feelings and images in this desert context. The oases are particularly appraisals at the time of the period of Guitna: gathering of dates.

The Passe of Amogjar is a beautiful canyon, where we will see some amazing prehistoric paintings and the “Fort Saganne”, built by the French

AZOUGUI: Citadel and necropolis

Azougui has an impressive history, as it was the old Almoravid capital in the 11th and 12th centuries, before the conquests of Ghana, Morocco, and Andalucia made them leave their old stronghold. With all the centuries in-between, fairly little remains. The citadel is still partly standing, as well as the necropolis of Imam Hadrami, a holy warrior from the 11th century. There is a mausoleum built around Imam Hadrami, and this is still venerated.

Arguin basin : national park since 1976, classified world inheritance of humanity by UNESCO mainly because of its role of fish pond and nurseries for any kind of fish, the bench of Arguin, the largest coastal park of Africa, is an ornithological reserve of a surface of 120 km2 distributed equitably between sea and ground sanctuary protected from million migratory birds, of water birds (45 000 couples: Pelicans, Spatulas, Cormorants, Flemings, Pinks, Herons, Aigrelles etc.) ; more than 2 million birds of shores (Courbis, Barges, Sandpipers, Plovers etc; greater world concentration of seals monks persecuted since the 15th century (500 individuals in the white Cape, only group being adapted to tropical water); refuge for the marine tortoises, the Cetacea. It is also the field of the small fauna: gilded jackal, gerbil, hyena striped etc

Island of Tidra: It was the cradle and the starting point of the Almoravide conquest.

Visit islands nurseries of the birds on board veil dugouts.

Beautiful beaches of Nouakchott.


1. Arrival at Nouakchott

Airport pickup and transfer to hotel. Night in hotel.

2. Nouakchott - Atar – Chinguitty

Departure to Chinguitty, travers Akjoujt and Atar. From there we take the track to Chinguetti, the seventh holy city of Islam declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Night in a Motel.

3. Chinguitty

Full day in Chinguitty the more ancient city in Mauritania, having tour in its libraries and quarters and its oases, Night in a Motel.

Chinguitty mean " Well horse" ,This city would be buried by large waves of quicksand ,Some sources establish the foundation of Chinguetty to (1261).

Chinguitty was on the caravan route linking northern Sudan.

It traded gold and ivory against the salt, wheat, dates etc… This road was the main access to the gold and other products from the Sudan.

The ancient city was a center of religious and cultural influence from which scientists Mauritanian spread Islam and the Arab-Muslim culture in the entire West Africa.

Chinguitt was, in effect, a cultural centre where they studied, among other subjects, theology, poetry, philosophy and law .

The Minaret of Chinguitt (topped by the symbolic ostrich egg) has become the symbol of Mauritania called until recently “Bilad Chinguitt”.

4. Chinguitty – Ouadane

Our journey will take us across 80 km, the true sand dune desert, where we will experience the isolation of the lost cities of the desert. Visit Oasis Tenewchert , magic big oasis in plein desert , arrive in Ouadane, Founded in the 6th century of the Hegira (XIIth after J.C), Ouadane was an important step in the trans-trade caravans. The products of sub-Saharan Africa were exchanged for those of the Maghreb.

In 1487, the Portuguese reached ouadane and founded a commercial warehouse, hoping to divert to their advantage trade in gold and other products from the Sudan.

The city has witnessed an intense cultural and scientific. It was up to forty scholars in the same lane. visit the ancient quarters and libraries that displays the surprisingly glorious past of this country. Night in Motel.

5. Ouadane - Passe of Amogjar – Azoughi - Terjit

The Passe of Amogjar is a beautiful canyon, where we will see some amazing prehistoric paintings and the “Fort Saganne”, built by the French.visit Azoughi After a short visit of Atar we will make our way into the desert along a picturesque track to Terjit, the most beautiful oasis in Mauritania , where an oasis with thermal springs and marvelous pools awaits us for bathing. Night in Motel.

6. Terjit – Benichab – Arguin basin

From the stony Adrar desert, we will head towards Akjoujt en route to Benichab, where there is a large layer of fossil water, 90 meters deep, used for bottled mineral water. Leaving Benichab, we will approach Iwik along the dunes that lead to the ocean passing through ancient salt lakes. Iwik is a village of Black Fishermen, the Imraguen, who sometimes fish with the help of dolphins Lodging at a Motel with tents.

7. Arguin basin – Island Tidra – Nouakchott

Departure in the traditional boats with the fishermen to visit the Island of Tidra , we can view the dolphins , thousands of birds , after this special visit we return to Nouakchott , visit the local markets, the museum and the lively fish use in hotel. Flight in evening.

Transport: Toyota GX 4x4

Accommodations (double room):

In Nouakchott: Hotel Halima or similar-1 Night+ day use

In Chinguitty: motel Maur Bleu - 2 Nights

In Ouadane: motel Agoueidire-1 Night

In Terjit: motel Terjit -1 Night

In Arguin basin: motel Iwik with tents -1 Night

Prices:contact us

Our price includes:

• Transfers airport-hotel-airport

. Accommodation

• Breakfast, lunch and dinner

• Transportation in a 4x4 cars

• English-/French-speaking accompanying guide

• Food

. Local assistance

NOT include:

• Air ticket (check best offer)

• Travel insurance

• Visa

• Vaccination

• Tip

• Any other unspecified costs

To know:

For your comfort, we recommend to you to provide:

•sleeping bags

Tour details

  • 600 per Trip
  • Available Anytime
  • Duration: Flexible
  • From 1 to 100 people
  • Starts at Mauritania - Senegal

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