Journeys on dog sledges

Journeys on dog sledges

The preferable period for touring with the dog teams extends from November until March, with the optimum touring time occurring between the months of December to March.

Daytrips in the vicinity of Ekaterinburg:

If your stay in Ekatrinburg will only be for a day or two, such as is common for the travelers on the Trans-Siberian Railroad, we can provide amazing daytrips of 3-8 hours via dog team through the magnificent coniferous forests near Ekaterinburg.

It is not difficult to acquire the talent to drive a sledge, and your instructor will teach you all of the necessary skills before you begin your adventure to the fantastic scenery in this area. Don’t forget your camera!

One of the destinations is Lake Peschanoe, ( Sand Lake ) and also to the picturesque rocks of Chertovo Gorodische. ( Devil Town ) From the highest elevation of Devil Town at 343 meters, the views are breathtaking as you view the incomparable beauty of the forests and lakes of the Urals.

Each group will be accompanied by a special vehicle that is designed to cope with the rigors of this winter journey.

This tour will encompass approximately 7-10 km. ( 4 - 6 miles ) and all trekkers will be provided with “malitsa” if necessary. Malitsa is the traditional winter weather clothing of the people from the northern Urals, and is worn as an over-garment to protect a person from the cold weather that the region is known for.

Lunch will be provided, and will be prepared on the trail, over an open campfire.

The monastery known as “Ganina Yama” is close and can be reached in approximately one hour if you desire to visit it.

Rating: *****

Tour details

  • 68 euro per Day
  • Available Seasonal
  • Duration: 8 Hour(s)
  • From 1 to 8 people
  • Starts at Ekaterinburg, 620086

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