Two Roman Empires on the Serbian crossroad

Etnographic Museum Belgrade - SOURCE Promotion of Traditional Culture

Six days guided tour starting from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia and today a metropolis of aprox. 2.000.000 people. Founded by the Romans in 1st Century BC, it has been in ruins and reerected many times since then. The city is famous for its two rivers, a boat community on the river banks, plenty of cafés, restaurants, festivals and historical sites from a wide range of periods. It is also well known for its night-life with a hard, but inventive clubbing scene. After two days, our tour continues from Belgrade by boat on the river Danube. Four well preserved medieval fortresses of unusual beauty and size stand on the riverbank, as well as a Neolithic site, ancient gold-mines and a newly found Roman city. The tour continues by mini-bus towards a multitude of medieval monasteries (7), two stalagmite caves and a couple of fortresses deep in the countryside or high up on the mountains. The buildings were mostly built in the interval of 1100-1450, in a unique blending of styles – Romanesque or Gothic, blended with Byzantine and even some oriental/Ottoman style, which is a product of Serbia’s central geo-political position in the old Europe. The tour ends back in Belgrade, with possibilities for shopping, dinning and relaxing.

(The guide is a Master of Science in Serbian/Byzantine/Italian medieval history (University of Oslo, Norway), writes books and screenplays on this subject).

Museum details

  • 470 eur per Trip
  • Available Seasonal
  • Duration: Flexible
  • From 4 to 8 people
  • Starts at Airport Belgrade, Serbia
  • Transportation available

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