Manaus, Tours and Nightlife.

Manaus, Tours and Nightlife.

My name is Kátia, and I work in Tourism.

I organize tours to the jungle, and have many options of tours. I know that when you are coming to visit other city, some times you walt to know more about the culture of the local, events , restaurants, nightlife , museuns , tourist information...etc.

As a travel agent, I would like to improve my english, and if you need to know my city and need a help to organize your visit, I can give you some suggestions and change experience.

Something you need to know about manaus: Is the capital of Amazonas state. Is a big city, and famous because here is the Amazônia of Brazil. The nightlife is clean, the city is not dangerous and you have many options of bus - from 05.30 am to 11.30 pm. The airport taxi service cost from R$ 40 to R$ 65 , according to the area you are going to. Here you can find albergue , pousadas and hotels, tourist class and 5*.

Places you have to visit: Teatro Amazonas ( Opera House) / Museu do Indio ( Indian Museum) / Porto Fluvial ( Floating harbor) / Mercado Municipal ( Municipal market) / Ponta Negra ( our fluvial beach ) / Amazonas Shopping ( the biggest shopping mall) / Anavilhanas ( the biggest archipelago - more than 400 islands) / Meeting of the Waters ( encounter of Negro and Amazon river) / Janauary ( Ecological Park in Negro river) / Wildlife / Presidente Figueiredo ( small city 115 km from Manaus, has more than 35 waterfall, you can visit 5 for sure) .

hotels to stay in: Italia ( from U$$ 20 to 35 ) / Lider ( 3*, very good - from U$$ 55 to 100) / Tropical hotel ( 5* - very good and is on ponta negra beach) .

At night? hummm...Allegro bar ( clean, security, not expensive and you can meet nive people) / House Beer ( luxury place, medium price, far from center of the city, but very nice) / Largo são Sebastião ( center of Manaus, in front of Opera House - at night is very good there, you can hear MPB music, eat regoinal food, pizza , pasta and see the opera house, as never). If you prefer barbecue, Bufallos is the best restaurant ( cost U$$ 15 to eat a lot).

Wow, I can give you many information, I can not believe I wrote a lot :)

You are welcome to Manaus.

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