Celtic poet's Historical, Literary and mythological Tours of Dublin

Roibeard McElroy

A ramble around the sites, haunts, places, associated with the literary and historical. This will be an all-encompassing tour: info, stories, descriptions, perhaps a song and a little poetry to keep you interested along the way!

However, if you want something more specialised or general, I can also do that! This is a real bag of tricks and you will get quality, quaintness and grace wrapped all in one! You pay at the end!

I am geared to do at least a half day and up to a full day, as I take in hidden sights and do the area extensively.

Rating: *****

Service details

  • 130 Euros per Day
  • Available Anytime
  • Duration: Flexible
  • From 2 to 15 people

Travel pro profile

  • Licensed Guide



A great guide who knows a lot of stuff and can talk about it interestingly. He knows where to go for a nice walk, and also where to go for a tasty Irish beer... but wherever you go, you will hear a good story and for sure, you will have fun.


He is simple fantastic!! I met him the first time I went to Dublin and we had a nice and interesting chat. Then one year later I was again in Dublin with some friends and I contacted him for his famous poet tour and it was really wonderful. He is really great becasue he makes you feel part of the literary story of dublin, and when he plays poems... it is impossible to describe that. You have just to go and look and listen to him!