Lukomir Highland Village Walk

Lukomir Highland Village Walk

Category: Green Walk (medium difficulty)

Total Walking Hours: 3

Departure Time: 09:00 AM

Estimated Time of Return: 18:00 PM

What to Bring: Hiking boots are recommended/Sturdy walking shoes, day pack, 1 litre of water, rain gear, sun hat and camera.

What is Included: Transport from Sarajevo to location and back, coffee or tea, lunch and snacks, one fully-equipped and experienced guide. Please contact us if you need any equipment.

After an hour and a half drive through Bjelasnica's hinterlands we arrive in Lukomir, Bosnia's highest village at 1,469 meters, with its ancient stecci (medieval tombstones) where villagers stick to the "old way" of doing things. Traditional dress, the occasional turban and fez are still worn and go hand in hand with the more contemporary bliss' of everyday life, electricity and running water. On the edge of the village you will be treated by a rare view of Rakitnica, Obalj and Visocica. You have arrived at the end of the world.

Our hosts have kindly agreed to show us around the village. A truly unique opportunity to find out firsthand from the villagers how they live in this beautiful but difficult environment. After a short walk through the village, we hike along Obalj's side to the 40 meter Peruce Waterfall. All along, you will be treated by sweet views and cool breezes coming off of Visocica and Treskavica. After cooling ourselves off at Peruce we return to Gornji (upper) Lukomir (FYI there is also a Donji (lower) Lukomir, long since abandoned by villagers due to the destructive effects of avalanches in this region) for a traditional homemade lunch prepared by our hosts. At the end off the day you will also be presented with an opportunity to admire and or purchase local handicraft.

So join us if you want to see how it was and if you want to understand a bit more about the "harsh" realities of living in a Bosnian mountain village cut off from the outside world during the winter months.

For the more adventurous we can organize a round trip hike of 7 hours and a 4 hour mountain biking trip to Lukomir.

Tour details

  • 40 EUR per Trip
  • Available Anytime
  • Duration: 8 Hour(s)
  • From 5 to 15 people
  • Starts at Traveler's Location
  • Transportation available

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