The Sholokhov Museum - an Open Air Novel

Our Museum-Reserve, the nominee for the 2007 year European Museum Forum award, invites you to visit the land of Mikhail Sholokhov, a Nobel Prize winner best known for his epic novel “The Quiet Don”. The Museum creates the open air novel. It proposes its visitors to read the famous novel by following paths of its characters.

The Museum is situated 800 km to the south from Moscow. It is reachable by train from Moscow or by plane to Rostov-on-Don and then by comfortable museum coaches.

The Museum occupies a vast territory of about 40 000 hectares. It is rich in historical, cultural and natural landscapes and rarities.

The developed museum infrastructure provides visitors with diverse program in event, ecological, season, youth, ethnographic tourism and with group and individual services.

The Museum owns a hotel complex with comfortable rooms and meals in traditions of the Don Cossacks.

The Museum visiting centre houses two conference halls equipped with up-to-date multimedia facilities to hold seminars, business meetings, presentations, corporative events.

The Don Cossacks are famous dashing horsemen. The Museum stables preserve the traditional horse-breeding and maintenance. Eleven graceful pure-bred horses welcome young and adult visitors. The stables contain the outdoor and indoor maneges. Several horse tours are organized at the Museum. Horse shows are involved in many Museum programs.

The Museum comprises a famous Cossack folklore group “Zarnitsa”. Its performances are the brand and the pep in excursions, tourist routs and presentations.

Our masters in traditional handicrafts give classes in pottery and willow weaving. Articles made by our guests with their own hands are good souvenirs.

Special interactive educational programs and games are prepared for children.

Boating and fishing are really a very special leisure in the Don Land. You can experience the traditional way of fishing. The Quiet Don and the rich diversity of pure lakes and rivers contain about 50 species of fish. The Museum possesses boats and all the necessary facilities to provide water routs and excursions.

As the prepared and the most popular tourist event the literary and folklore festivity “Sholokhov’s Spring” has been held annually at the end of May to celebrate the author’s birthday. About 100 000 guests from all over the world enjoy it every May.

Our guests are invited to visit the Museum sites, to study and try skills in traditional Cossack handicrafts, taste the Cossack cuisine, to be a fan or a participant in performances and contests in singing and dancing, football, horse races and fancy horse-riding or just communicate with other people.

Don’t hesitate to come to the Don Land and to read the wonderful open air novel. You’ll enjoy your new cultural experience.

Museum details

  • Available Anytime
  • Duration: Flexible
  • From 1 to 50 people
  • Starts at Tel/fax: +7(86353)21062
  • Transportation available

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