Rome in one day

Rome in one day

Starting from your hotel, we drive down the Via Sistina and stop at church of the Trinity (Trinità dei Monti) to look at the famous Spanish Steps from above. We continue than to Villa Borghese and stop at the Pincio Terrace to enjoy the beautiful panorama of Rome and the Vatican City. Driving down the hill from the Pincio, we arrive at Piazza del Popolo w/ Bernini’s Twin Churches. Next we go to the ruins of the Tomb of Augustus and to Piazza Navona. We stop at Piazza Navona, with its 3fountais designed by Bernini and the enchanting Baroque church of Saint Agnes by Borromini, then to St. Peter’s Basilica. The largest Catholic church in the world. Founded the emperor Constantineand entirely rebuilt in the 16th Century under the supervision of Michelangelo. It is the triumph of the Baroque Style, housing some of the most beautiful statues made by Bernini. Second only to Michelangelo. After visiting St. Peter’s Basilica you can stop for lunch, typical Italian trattoria to a cafeteria for some pizza or sandwich. Ancient Rome in the afternoon. The Pantheon, the best preserved of the Roman buildings. The visit of the Capitol Hill designed by Michelangelo. From the top of the hill you also see the Roman Forum, ancient centre of the city of Rome. Next we arrive at the Colosseum. We arrive at the Fountain of Trevi, after a stop in Piazza Venezia to take a picture of the Vittoriano and Mussolini’s balcony. Naturally this is just a suggested itinerary, it would be planned differently, according to your hotel’s location and your own preferences. If time remains we can include a stop on top the Janicolum Hill to see the view of Rome and/or Michelangelo’s Moses. We say here that it takes more than a life’s time to see Rome, but I’ll try my best to show it to you in one day!

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