Costa Rica Birdwatching

Costa Rica Birdwatching
Hotel Casa corcovado Jungle Lodge

Share the cool early morning air with some of the over 350 species of birds found in Corcovado. The early morning hours are perfect to observe the wildlife of the area. For keen birders and animal lovers, on this tour we offer the chance to see numerous species of birds, morpho butterflies, monkeys and other animals. You and your guide can decide upon the hour to start out, usually there will be a chance to have a cup of coffee before setting out on your morning excursion. Birds that are commonly seen include the Riverside Wren, Palm Tanager, Banaquit, Great Kiskadee and the Endemic Black-Cheeked Ant-tanager and of course there is always a chance of something special. Get an early start on the day and get up with the birds.

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