Kayak and Trekking in South Greenland

Kayak and Trekking in South Greenland
Tasermiut, South Greenland Expeditions

A 160 km expedition in total freedom among icebergs and glaciers

Visits to glaciers, trekking on ice, polar wildlife, the Northern Lights

Using soundless kayaks and in total freedom, we will travel across part of the Arctic, surrounded by a spectacular setting of icebergs and glaciers.

A genuine expedition, in the kayak and on foot, without a support boat to disturb the harmony of the trip, in total contact with the magical environment of one of our planet's last frontiers: the largest island in the world, Greenland.

On our trip, we will combine travelling the fjords on kayak with hiking on foot, which will allow us to cross the tundra and approach Inlandis, Greenland's great inland glacier.

Along the way, we will have the opportunity to enjoy the wide variety of Arctic fauna, as well as to get to know different Inuit settlements and the area's most important Eskimo ruins.

Tour details

  • 2.095 € per Trip
  • Available Anytime
  • Duration: 15 Day(s)
  • From 8 to 12 people
  • Starts at Copenhagen or Reykjavik

Travel pro profile

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  • Speaks Danish, English, French, German, Spanish
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