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Reliable Chinese Staff--Self Recommendation

Dear Ms./Mr.,

We offer assistance services in Beijing,China.

@Project consult and facilitator;this is because our strong technical background;

@Product Sells and after sales project/management/engineering;

@Tour guide,we have own car,which can take you everywhere,or booking hotel/airplane etc.

@Personal assistant,we can to be your office clerk to do anything at here,to be facilitator,translator,office clerk,sourcing,handling export/import documents,or even can do home cleaning services.

Our services charge is also very resonable,it can be paid RMB50 per hour(minimum),or RMB200 per day,or RMB5000/month;or equally foreign currency;

(for product sales we collect 7% commission.)

Our services philosophy is careful,reliable.

If you need our services at here,just drop us a call.

This year Beijing will hold 2008 Olympic affairs,when you trip to China and need some help/assistant,feel free to contact with us,you will be rest assured you are satisfied with our services.

Best Regards

Yours Truly


Cathay Partner Tech&Services Limited




1/How to use this contact?

When you already have some business idea with China and want to find some business partner in here,just feel free to contact with me.

If you still donot have such idea at present,never mind,per attachment is my contact card,just archive it in your contact database,

therefore when you want to use it in future,just active it by email,skype or direct calling,you can always find us when you want to find some reliable business partner in China.

2/This is just a business greeting/promotion letter from China,that we can offer any business services to your company if you want to do business in China.

If this unsolicited email,by any occident,bother you at some inconvinient time.pls just over look it,I know there are many Chinese company/individual is distribute some rubbish mail on internet.

We are not such company,we are serious business services company in offer this reliable business services.

Service details

  • Cost: free
  • Available Anytime
  • Duration: Flexible
  • Starts at beijing, 100025
  • Transportation available

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