Horseback riding on a presidential hacienda in Ecuador

Hacienda Zuleta

Riding has been a Plaza family tradition for over one hundred years, and today Zuleta reflects this equestrian affinity by boasting one of the most exclusive stables in Ecuador. Zuleta is also known for its Zuleteño horse, a unique mixture of Spanish-Andalusian, English and Quarter horses. The outcome of this cross-breeding is a robust, noble and smooth Andean horse with a perfect disposition for trail riding.


We provide half chaps, helmets, rain ponchos and a saddle bag. The South American saddle utilized is very similar to western. The saddle has a pommel, a deep seat and is covered with a cozy sheep skin pad.


All the rides start at Hacienda Zuleta at about 9,000 ft. Every day's ride has its particular beauty and charm, including rides in valleys surrounded by mountains, bathed in green lakes on mountain tops, snow-capped Cayambe, ancient pre-Incan earth mounds, waterfalls, dramatic views in or above the clouds. You will see local people work on their land and have a chance to meet a saddle maker. Depending on the weather conditions, we offer the following rides and many more!


This is a soft ride with many grassy trails for long soft canters within the hacienda. We will see ancient pyramids and mounds constructed by the pre-Incan Caranqui culture and visit our Condor project and aviary.

San Pablo

A day tour to San Pablo village with lunch at famous Hacienda Cusin or Cabañas del Lago on the shore of the lake. On the way back we climb to a high pine forest with beautiful view of San Pablo Lake. This is an easy ride though farm land and villages.

La Rinconada

A day tour with many grassy trails for long soft canters through various indigenous communities and into a remote and quiet agricultural valley. We cross a river, see farm animals, pass by rural schools and see indigenous people working on their land. This is an easy ride and the distance can be adapted to your abilities (4-8 hours in the saddle).


This is a full day of riding to the above tree line “paramo” to 11,000 feet. Enjoy the special landscape with spectacular views of grassland, wild bulls and condors. We will have a picnic lunch at a view point and can explore the paramo or follow a hidden trail to a place called “Ventanas” with spectacular rock formations. That ride is a very special experience, but can be exhausting due to the altitude and the climate with strong winds.

San Marcos

A full day ride to the mystical lagoon of San Marco in the Cayambe national park. We ride through lush pasture land, pass by snow capped Cayambe volcano and enter the national park with its amazing flora and fauna. To cover so much ground (32km one way) we will need to jog and canter for quite a while. After a picnic lunch we take a different trail home and arrive just before sunset at Zuleta. This is a long trail with special experience due to the natural settings, but not very difficult.

These tours are just a sample of the many options we have at Zuleta. Please remember that pace, distance and destinations depend on you, almost everything is possible for us and our great horses.

We also offer lessons for beginners up to medium dressage level in the ring, do bareback riding and natural horsemanship, and have a horse drawn carriage. We can also arrange other special “events” such us bringing in the herd in the morning or playing with our foals in the kinder garden.

See you at Zuleta...

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