Medicine from the Moutain

(E) Visit Lake Victoria one of the largest flesh lake in Kenya

(F) VISIT Tea Bushes

(G)Visit Pineapple Farms

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This is an excellent opportunity to see the Mt Kenya region with someone who tuely represents the people and the region. This tour was started and is conducted by Mr. Benson Njorge who is a registered herbalist and whose father was the first registered herbalist in Kenya. Participants will see how rural life on a tea plantation really is (some of Benson's family still work there); discover the history of herbal medicine in Kenya; and witness spactacular views of Mt. Kenya. (Climbing Mt. Kenya may also be an option but you must be prepared with proper clothing etc.- not something to be done spontaneously - takes planning and preparation.)This is a very down to earth tour - nothing fancy but very educational and honest. If you have anyone interested in the Boy Scouts be sure to ask to visit the monument and grave site of the founder of the Boy Scouts Gen. Baden Powell who is buried in the town of Nyeri within sight of Mt. Kenya. John