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Alexandria is the port city of Alexandria, once the summer seat of government, has long suffered from neglect in favour of the capital Cairo, 215 kilometers to the south, but now we are happy that Alexandria witnessed a revival of sorts in the last few years. As we have now Bibliotheca Alexandrina, a modern version of the ancient library founded around 295 BC. And we have Alexandria national museum and soon we will have the submarine museum and pharos which will be rebuilding for the ancient light house of Alexandria which was one of the seven wonder of the ancient world. Beside many other monuments have already discovered or in renovation nowadays.

First, Alexandria is cosmopolitan city which mainly dated back to the time of Ramsess II, may be before. As it was a small village for fishing and in the main time as fortification for Egypt over the north coast. Then it founded by Alexander the great at 332 BC to be the capital of Egypt during the Greco-roman time era which mean that Alexandria lasted as the main capital for Egypt from the fourth century BC to the 7th century AD. Alexandria now is a reflection to all these era starting from the Greco-Roman era up to the modern eras although nowadays Alexandria is divided to two parts, as there is a big part sunken nowadays under the sea and the other part is locating underneath of the modern city. Which reflect that Alexandria treasures didn’t discover yet?

So, we will try to cover the history of this city as the principal reflect of the Hellenic Empire, the Ptolemaic capital and Egypt’s second largest metropolis, the Mediterranean port of Alexandria has always been a centre of cultural significance. Celebration of this has been a big part of Alexandria’s recent development. So, be ready from now on to discover our city which is not just a summer resort and Greco-Roman heritage but also as our tradition, culture, customs, our countryside life and life in desert which surrounded our city. Be ready to discover varieties in our city as it is mixture between many nationalities, many traditions, many dishes and music. Enjoy The Turkish Town, City Center Tour, Architectural Tour, Rosetta tour, El-Alamein Tour

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