After 10 months of hand crafting by the people of Tanah Beru, South Sulawesi & SongLine Yachts, the vessel KLM Pearl, started her movement towards the sea and the last phase of delivery to her now home at the Buccament Bay Resort in the Caribbean Island of St Vincent & The Grenadines. KLM Pearl will be a floating restaurant for the hotel, which is located near the prime filming location of the epic film Pirate of The Caribbean.

The traditional lunching ceremony was attended by all the people involved in this special expedition from the carpenters to 35 Maritime Students from the Polytechnic University of Makassar, who will provide the Communication Center for the Pearl’s Expedition across the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic to the Caribbean.

The Indonesian and French crew of the Pearl will be making 18 stops along the route to promote Harlequin Properties new resort complex The Buccament Bay Resort. The Expedition will start from the port of Makassar om December 10, 2008 and progress of this unique expedition can be followed over the internet at http://songlinecruises.com/SpecialExp.php or joined for those adventerous travelers for a simple 300usd per month, just to cover food while aboard the vessel.

Robin Engel, Director of SongLine Yachts, said, “Today starts a voyage that will be well worth following of the next 12 months” or throughout 2009.

Service details

  • 10 USD per Day
  • Available Anytime
  • Duration: 30 Day(s)
  • From 1 to 2 people
  • Starts at Traveler's Location

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