Classic highlights in Shanghai,Suzhou,Hangzhou & Water town

Classic highlights in Shanghai
Classic highlights in Shanghai,Suzhou,Hangzhou & Water town
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Shanghai, honored as “Paris of the Orient” or “Pearl of China”, captures the essence of new China. Shanghai, whose name literally means "over the sea", is one of the world's largest seaports and one of China’s major economic and finical centers. It also is a city with deep history and long standing traditions. The Huangpu river, flows in the city, makes the city into east (pudong) and west (puxi). With rapid city developments, Shanghai is becoming a mysterious and splendid city of impressive skyscrapers. It is the city that you have to see as one of your China trip.

In Shanghai,you will visit Yu garden-a 400-year-old classical garden;the Bund-Art gallery of wirld architecture;Jade buddha temple-two jade buddha statues carved out of single piece of white jade;Pudong area-China largest economic zone;Acrobatic-over 3000 years traditional culture;Xintiandi-a place for recreation...

Tour type: Wonderful Shanghai

Tour itinerary: Yuyuan Garden, Old street market, the Bund, Jade

Buddha Temple, Xintiandi, Nanjing Road & People


Participant Number 1pax/ 2pax/ 3~4pax/ 5~6pax/ 7~9pax

Quotation (RMB) 1200/ 1600/ 2200/ 2600/ 3400

Tour type: Shanghai discovery

Tour itinerary: the Bund and Waibaidu Bridge, Shanghai art

gallery, Shanghai Urban planning exhibition

center, Old residential Nong Tang( lane), old

French concession area

Participant Number 1pax/ 2pax/ 3~4pax/ 5~6pax/ 7~9pax

Quotation (RMB) 1400/ 1800/ 2400/ 2800/ 3500

Tour type: Shanghai`s Today & Tomorrow

Tour itinerary: the Bund, Shanghai City Planning Exhibition Hall,

Lupu Bridge & the site of 2010 World Expo, Pudong

Finical Area

Participant Number 1pax/ 2pax/ 3~4pax/ 5~6pax/ 7~9pax

Quotation (RMB) 850/ 1400/ 1850/ 2200/ 2650

Tour type: Acrobatic show

Tour itinerary: the Bund, acrobatic show, Xintiandi bar and café


Participant Number 1pax/ 2pax/ 3~4pax/ 5~6pax/ 7~9pax

Quotation (RMB) 650/ 900/ 1250/ 1500/ 1950


Popular Chinese legend has it that, "In heaven there is paradise, and on earth there are Suzhou and Hangzhou". Suzhou has been praised as a "paradise on earth" since ancient times.

Suzhou is one of the oldest towns in the Yangtze basin, founded in about 600 BC. Its excellent location allowed Suzhou to become a prosperous trading area, especially for the silk industry. Suzhou had become the leading silk producer in China by the 14th Century when this quaint retreat became popular with visitors from the imperial court at Hangzhou. Artists, scholars and painters all retreated to this "Venice of the East" to seek inspiration and relaxation.

Suzhou is known for its beautiful gardens, which are designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and for its canals. The gardens embody the harmonious principles of Chinese garden design, which dictates that gardens should attempt to create a microcosm of the universe in a confined space.

For Suzhou day trip,you will be led to Master of Net`s Garden,Panmen ancient city wall and Grand canal;Suzhou Museum and Silk mill.

Tour type: Wonderful sightseeing

Tour itinerary: Master of Net`s Garden, Suzhou Museum,Panmen city

wall & Grand canal,Silk Mill

Participant Number 1pax/ 2pax/ 3~4pax/ 5~6pax/ 7~9pax

Quotation (RMB) 1800/ 2300/ 2800/ 3200/ 3600


Hangzhou is a city with a rich history and culture spanning more than 2000 years. The city first made a name for itself in the sixth century, when the Grand Canal opened up and linked the area to other centers of trade such as Suzhou. Hangzhou has long been a tourist destination for Chinese travelers attracted to the beauty of West Lake, and is now becoming a favorite spot for international travelers. With its inviting views and outstanding scenery, West Lake soon became popular with artists, poets and painters seeking inspiration in the solitude of this "paradise".

The widely expressed Chinese proverb, "In heaven there is paradise and on earth there are Hangzhou and Suzhou", combined with the words of Marco Polo describing this area as "the most beautiful and magnificent city in the world", have helped to make Hangzhou one of the most popular tourist attractions in China. In fact, Hangzhou is also referred as the home of silk and the land of dragon well green tea.

For Hangzhou day trip,you will visit the beautiful West Lake by taking a boat;Enjoy the Bay of flower & fish;Taste famous Dragon Well green tea.

Tour type: Scenic sightseeing

Tour itinerary: Park of harbor & fish, Cruise on West Lake,

Dragon-well-tea village,Pagoda of six


Participant Number 1pax/ 2pax/ 3~4pax/ 5~6pax/ 7~9pax

Quotation (RMB) 2400/ 2900/ 3400/ 3900/ 4500


Water town refers as the town surrounded with rivers and lakes. Several manmade waterways converge in the town and divide it into several sections, but many stone arched bridges were built on the waterways to link the water town together. Local people live in the houses built by riverside. On the riverside streets, the houses usually have a front door facing the street and a backdoor leading to the river. Residents of these houses are referred to as ”families who use the river as their pillow” in classic literary works.

In a word, charming stone bridges and canals, enchanting narrow alleys, well-preserved historic homes, the dancing weeping willows and the women sculling their boats combines a beautiful water town.


Tour itinerary: Walk on the old stone street, Zhang House, Shen

House,Double Bridge,Boat ride on canal

Participant Number 1pax/ 2pax/ 3~4pax/ 5~6pax/ 7~9pax

Quotation (RMB) 1800/ 2250/ 2700/ 3150/ 3600


Participant Number 1pax/ 2pax/ 3~4pax/ 5~6pax/ 7~9pax

Quotation (RMB) 1200/ 1600/ 1900/ 2300/ 2600


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