Canadian Rockies & Pacific North West

Canadian Rockies & Pacific North West
Canadian Rockies & Pacific North West
International Tour Director

Whether you are a family or an individual or a group of individuals and would like to create your own adventurous vacation? If for some reason you do not want to go with a preformed group, which I am very familiar with facilitating, you could do a more personalized tour, an adventure where you have a general itinerary and in between you can make adjustments as you wish or as perhaps the weather or some other unforeseen circumstance prevails and then another option may be better.

It is like a ship leaving port and it knows which main port of calls it must make on route its adventurous journey to the final port of call. However, on route it encounters all sorts of interesting external events which could or may alter its course, but then it makes adjustments to make the trip more enjoyable and exciting, while still managing to visit the main port of calls. Between these ports it manages to make side excursions to explore a little, which it may or may not have had the opportunity to make otherwise.

Hi, my name is Andrew Gustafsson and I am a certified ITMI (International Tour Management Institute) International Tour Director with over 7 years experience guiding and directing tours throughout the Canadian Rockies and the Pacific Northwest. I love to make travel exciting and above all else adventurous. How about you, what do you see traveling and vacation as?

Have you ever thought, well I would like to go to the Rockies and British Columbia coast but I sure do not know where to start and what do, where to go. You might then need a little bit of help. I have myself gone to other places which I am not familiar with and wonder, am I seeing everything or have I missed some of the more spectacular places and if the time is limited which should I choose?

I can help you with your travel and be your guide and tour director to facilitate your holiday in the Canadian Rockies and Pacific Northwest but not limited to this area, you may want to tour the Colorado Rockies or perhaps the national parks and monuments of the west. The choices are limitless and really all you need is a little “Imagination.”

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