MOROCCAN SKIES/ limitless adventure holidays to Morocco

MOROCCAN SKIES/ limitless adventure holidays to Morocco
Mustapha  AHITASS

About us:

Moroccan Skies is a blend of lights, freshness and exotics rare to find altogether in one sole wonderful experience while travelling. Indeed, almost as difficult to reproduce as the skylight that made this not yet uncharted country a beautiful and mysterious destination for those who dream of a real adventure.

Our first steps in the world of adventure were taken years ago under the Moroccan skies where the aspiration to share uplifting sensations grew in the travel organisation. Since those times we've broadened our horizons and now offer adventures to all over the country.

Treks, walks, Sahara expeditions, journeys, special voyages, some which require physical as well as mental stamina, most are 'adventures' which can be enjoyed by anyone with an enquiring mind who enjoys getting off the beaten track, discovering and learning about their chosen destination.

The Spirit of Adventure and learning encapsulate the core of what we offer quality, innovation, value and challenge encompassed within a framework of ecologically sound adventures. We offer an enormous range of different escapes, from easy walks to 4000 metre climbs, from the High Atlas to the vast ergs in the South. Accommodation is also varied, from top-end to mostly good quality and comfortable, occasionally basic, always chosen to offer great value and to allow us to discover and explore the country in question.


Moroccan Skies has a highly experienced Private Groups team who can help you organise your overseas adventure to Morocco. Our consultants have travelled to and lived all corners of Morocco and are amazingly passionate about travel. This expertise and passion shows through in their dedication to make every group's experience the best possible.

The best people to show you a country are people from that country, their country! Our leaders speak the language and even the areas’ dialect, and will speak to you in your own language, understand the day to day world around them, offer insights into the history and culture, and are passionate about their homeland. They can also help deal with local groups, ensuring we celebrate our differences with respect to the fragile world in which they live bringing understanding and mutual benefits. Providing possibilities for you to enjoy special moments is their secret. Our leaders bridge the gap between our cultures helping you to get more from your chosen adventure holiday.

This also means providing, rather than denying, employment opportunities for local tour leaders, all of whom have studied for many years to gain the necessary accreditation, speak many languages fluently and to whom this is a career, not just a way of life for a few years. We're now extremely proud of our team of excellent leaders, and we continually make sure they do a fantastic job.

Group size:

When you join a tour, you travel only with a small group. The maximum is just fifteen, which is small enough to avoid making a negative impact on the places you go to and the people you meet, but large enough to have a good time with other travelers from your group.

We do all we can to offer choices which often cause the group size to drop to close to very small ones allowing more privacy. Each day our groups are offered a variety of options: long walk, short walk, bird watching, and photography. Excursions and shopping are part of an interaction with the locals and their customs. We embrace all of the efficient ethical guidelines and take additional optional measures to ensure our impact is limited. The least footprints we leave the best visitors we are.


Small travel agency located in Marrakech offering the following:

- City tours and breaks around most cities in morocco

- Trekking, hiking and short walks in the Atlas Mountains and valleys

-Family tours around the country tailored or with fixed itineraries

- Expeditions, 4X4 drives and walks to the desert

-Biking or cycling in morocco from easy to strenuous and adventurous escapes

- Honeymoon trips and aniversaries with your beloved ones

-Ski ans alpine winter activities during the winter times

-Stays within the finest places from kasbahs, riads retreats to top end luxury locations with character.

- Tailor made or customized tours

- Culinary, gourmets or wine tasting tours around the best resataurants and farms.

-Cultural tours in the imperial cities.

Service details

  • 75 euros per Day
  • Available Anytime
  • Duration: 5 Day(s)
  • From 2 to 16 people
  • Starts at Marrakech, Casablanca

Travel pro profile

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