Basically our services provide/include:

- Airport reception with support/lift for hotels, events, meetings, etc

- Temporary "secretary executive bilingual", for bookings, receptions, business meetings, organize events,... for any Executive who needs this special assistance as usual in his office. He don`t need bring his personal assistant, just get a temporary with no labour burocracy and for a short time, or long.

- We also provide "personal assistant services, which can organize quick travels to/from cities and Brazilians addresses. Will check always best cost and fare for domestic flights, hotels, taxis, buses, food , etc...

- Personal Guide - is basically a guide, not usual tourism guide, but, personal, and also will teach if requested. Can stay for till 8 hours by day, helping the client with anything inside our subject.

- We have a service also, which can provide/get in contact with others ( client contacts ), by telephone, mails ( personal or work mails ) in portuguese, keeping the client around all the "subject". Organizing schedules, meetings, etc...

- Provide when requested, personal Portuguese speaking classes, anywhere. He decides, could be at his place, our office, restaurant, flexible.

- And our NEW SPECIAL SERVICE. VIRTUAL speaking class, BY SKYPE. The client can log on, meet with our teacher, and talk in portuguese, with the requested accent, depending of which area is he going to travel to. Brazil is huge, and we have a lot of accents.

Service details

  • 40 per Hour
  • Available Anytime
  • Duration: 8 Hour(s)
  • From 40 to 8000 people

Travel pro profile

  • Private Individual