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Centro Machiavelli

The Italian language school Centro Machiavelli is located in the historic centre of Florence, Italy in the district of Santo Spirito, home to artisans and artists, where, being just off the beaten tourist track, the economic and social characteristics of the area have been left intact. The school is in Piazza Santo Spirito itself, one of the finest squares of the city. With its bars and out-door cafés, its daily market, workshops and restaurants, it is a favourite haunt of Florentines and thus provides our students with an excellent opportunity to meet them.

Our centre was founded in 1978 and has been open ever since, making it one of the oldest schools in Florence, Italy teaching Italian language and culture.

Over the years we have maintained a size which enables us to have daily contact with all our students, to spend time with them and to cater to their needs for the duration of their stay with us. The atmosphere in our school is informal and very friendly. Group numbers are small and learning is therefore interactive and quick. Teachers are able to take into consideration the needs of each individual student and exchanges between the students are made easier and more meaningful. Our students come from all over the world a fact which promotes communication in Italian and which compels teachers to be more creative. Furthermore, as communication is the basis for our method of teaching, emphasis is placed on oral expression and the use of other languages is kept to a minimum. The school is located in the historic centre in Piazza Santo Spirito a short walk from Ponte Vecchio. The neighbourhood of Santo Spirito is lively and is home to artisan workshops, artist studios, shops, cafés, restaurants, and cultural events making it one the preferred meeting places for Florentines.

Constant attention to the evolution of the needs of the students leads us to continually adapt, renew and improve our courses and services. We offer a wide range of courses other than language courses such as fine art and arts and crafts courses in artist studios and artisan workshops, jewellery courses for both crafting and design, music and singing courses for opera lovers and for singers, cooking courses for professionals and amateurs alike, as well as a host of activities some cultural and some just pure entertainment. All courses and activities are done in Italian and are therefore also a stimulating occasion to practise one's communication skills.

Apart from grammar and syntax, we consider that there are four skills - reading, writing, listening and speaking - which need to be studied and developed right from the first level, to achieve understanding and expression in authentic communicative situations.

To this end situations are simulated in the classroom using authentic teaching material.

Structures and vocabulary are adapted to the lower levels and become progressively more complex until, at advanced levels, different types of text are used to encourage the recognition and reproduction of different language styles.

Centro Machiavelli offers its students extracurricular activities some of which are free and others are not, which take place outside of normal italian language lessons time. They are activities which are aimed at providing elements which can be useful for interpreting the modern day reality in Italy, for appreciating our historic and artistic patrimony and for orientation in our city, country and culture.

The activities also have a clear social function, creating occasions for exchange amongst students from different classes who meet and speak Italian in an authentic rather than an artificial situation.

On request seminar topics can be extended into short courses with conditions and prices to be established according to the specific request. The school’s tape and video library which includes many films of the Italian cinematography tradition can be used by students in the afternoon.

A plentiful of Italian language courses are offered in various levels:

"A" Intensive Course - 4 hours

"B" Semi-intensive Course - 2 hours

"C" Super-intensive Course - 6 hours

"D" Course for "The over 50's Generation" - 3 hours

"E" Commercial Italian - Individual course

"F" History of Art - Individual course

"G" Private Lessons

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