A Altun Ha & Belize city Tour

a Altun Ha & Belize city Tour

Altun Ha (rock stone pond):

An hours drive from Belize City on the Old Northern Highway, takes you 31 miles north of Belize City to Altun Ha, which is one of Belize’s most well known Mayan sites. This archeological site once served as a coastal trading center that features 2 main plazas with 13 structures surrounding them.

Excavations began in 1957, and were done by Dr. David Pendergast from the Royal Ontario Museum in Canada. Archeologists found over 300 jade jewelry pieces at the site, much of which was found in the temple of the “Green Tomb”. Also found was a solid jade head weighing almost 10 pounds and stands 6 inches in height. This treasure, is the largest jade carving found at any Mayan site and was discovered in the temple of the “Sun God”, which is the tallest building, standing over 54 feet from the plaza floor.

Archeologists have determined that the city was destroyed and rebuilt several times, but are unable to determine why.


Still referred to as the “old capital”, Belize City is the largest city in the country, with a population of over 70,000 people. Charming colonial architecture began to tell the story of a city first used to ship logwood and mahogany rapidly changing the capital to the heart of transportation, commerce, culture and even politics. Visitors will find traditional street vendors selling fruits, vegetables, handmade wood furniture, and arts & crafts throughout the city.

The historic Swing Bridge built in 1923, is the only manually operated bridge in the country, and allows fishermen access to the Haulover Creek. The Supreme Court built in 1926, shows off ornate ironwork and a four-sided clock tower. The oldest Anglican Cathedral in Central America is the St. John’s Cathedral, whose foundations were first laid in 1812, from bricks brought as ballasts from European sail ships. A lighthouse and tomb of Belize’s greatest benefactor, Baron Bliss, the fourth baron of Portugal, can be seen at the tip of the Fort George peninsula.

Belize City offers visitors an unusual combination of rustic, old-fashioned Caribbean charm and bustling modernity

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