Foreigners Gone Underground In Bogota - Colombia

Hi. I’m William and I can be you guide to discover the nice and absurd diversity of Colombian people, for artist who seek for a muse, filmmakers looking for alternative casting, photographers looking for faces and streets. artist in general, open minded people would appreciate the cool ambient of Bogota. This is a cultural city, a city of contrasts. It’s secure in here, and you’ll find people will accept you and try to show you the nice face of Colombian people. Whatever you would like to see or to do in here I know I can help you because I understand you culture and your needs, what you like and what you don’t, as much as I know my people. Just contact me via MS messenger, k it’s a gmail address. : ) serves both on googletalk or MS messenger, just add me, tell me what you want to do in here, in confidence, and I can tell you: What you can, how you can, and maybe how much it cost or how to plan your budget. You may have a LOT of questions. I can help. I would really like to serve you as guide in here, beyond the money or the hot nights. It’s always cool to meet interesting people, driving them for this underground city and show them how they can have a great time doing things they can’t do in no other place. I bet for to be more as a friend than a guide. If you’re up to travel Bogota. remember me. Bye btw. this is my English, no translation. com in here. ; )

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