Wonders in Kenya

Wonders in Kenya

Cultural Safaris

The Cultural safaris organised by Adventure Panorama Safaris concentrate mostly in Kenya communities including The Luo community, The Masai community and other Western Kenya tribes including the Luhya land. These cultural tours provide the experiences of the real African heritage that tourists adore. The different tribes across East Africa have protected their cultures for ages that results to the rich cultural tours and safaris many travelers like.

The heritage in these cultural communities are passed from generations to generations, the values of the Kenya cultural practices present a lot of traditional African customs that gives tourists the real picture of this interesting land of diversity.

This includes among other activities, a daring night tracking of African wizzards, possessed with evil spirit and running with might and vigour only at night. They produce an understandable splint of fire from their tongues. During the night, their sense of hearing is sharper than that of a dog, they see better than a cat and they are able to smell and sense especially if you ate something hot before you went to track them. They are known to cast demons out of the evil possessed and bewitched and punish their subjects with such unremorseful attitude that makes the community dread them.

On Sundays or on any other special occassions, an emotional and sanctifying spiritual service, mostly attended by dread-locked believers and characterized with long,deeply-rooted and spiritually selected prose and chants are recited in Latin,Luo and Swahili languages.

They are holy, they believe, they heal and daring!!!!!!

Visit the local magicians and witness their breathtaking way of life while performing magics and chanting to the spirits. The power and ritualistic activities of these African traditional medicine men and women is realized right on entering their compounds.

This strange and tantalizing African cultural tours and safaris is full of threaling experiences and substantial comparison between two opposite worlds. It vividly explains the original traditional beliefs and cultural Kenya practices that bore both negative and positive eternal repercussions.

We guide you from the capital city of Kenya, to the interior remote unknown villages in the Kenyan countryside,where the crowing of a cock, the birth of a baby boy, the death of an old man and a mere spitting of his saliva are cultural forces to reckon with!

On one side of these western Kenya communities rich of culture and controlled by revolving African superstition, they sacrifice and perform cultural rituals to appease the dead. They carry charms and amulets to protect and get rich. They throw a pell into their enemies to retard their growth. They believe to be strong enough to control natural calamities.

The other hand of this cultural cohort lies the strong believers and staunch followers of the Legion Maria sect. They believe in God through the one Ondeto, who was rumoured t o model a walking cow and performed various miracles before his death. They dont feed on a type of famous traditional vegetable called “boo”, Kunde in Swahili, claiming it was used by Adam and Eve to cover their nakedness when they realized they had sinned in the garden of Eden.

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