Around Alfama: Castle São Jorge, Sé Cathedral, Alfama

Around Alfama: Castle São Jorge, Sé Cathedral, Alfama
Lisbon Explorer

The Moorish, Medieval Historic Center 3 hours

Discover the secrets of Castle Saint George from the Phoenicians and Romans to modern times. Beyond the fortified walls, explore Alfama, the oldest district of Lisbon. A narrow labyrinth rich with stories of disasters, religious zealots, poets musicians and artists. Plus, rewarding views of the city from spectacular terraces (Miradouros) along the way.

The downhill walk through the Lisbon’s Alfama reveals major sights which includes the birthplace of S. Anotnio, tombs of kings who ruled the worlds first global trade network, with a combined land and sea passages that created the largest empire in history. The name Alfama comes from the Arabic Al-hamma, meaning springs or baths, due to the natural hot springs found in the area. During the Moorish invasion, Alfama was the center of Lisbon’s daily activities, and over the centuries it became a slum for poor fishermen. Today, this quaint quarter embraces its new affluent settlers along with the the old, where you will find stylish restaurants aside rustic cafes where live Fado (a local music) can be heard radiating into the streets.

The major highlights we explore on this walking tour:

- Castle of São Jorge, a history of Visigoths, Romans, Moors, Crusaders and Kings

- Alfama quarter and many quaint traditional streets

Santa Luzia Miradouro, one of the most scenic overlooks in Lisbon

- Fado Taverns, the birthplace of Lisbon’s rich musical heritage

- Casa dos Bicos, a Renaissance palace known as the “House of Facets"

- Sé, the Cathedral of Lisbon

- Santo Antonio á Sé, the birthplace of St. Anthony of Padua

Much much more... at the end of your tour our guides are happy to assist with finding other sights to explore and excellent restaurants that meet your interests and budget while avoiding the area tourist traps.

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