Fishing dorados on Parana River

Juan Trotta

Rosario was during many years the second city in Argentina, until it was surpassed by Cordoba city in 1970. It is a good place for shopping, prices are as low as in Buenos Aires. It has many beautiful places to see. As I mentioned in my reports on Buenos Aires, the Parana river delta is 200 miles long from North to South and starts precisely between Rosario and Victoria (Entre Rios). A 3-mile long bridge connects both cities. There is a beautiful beach at La Florida (a residential area) and lovely resorts on the islands. Nearly underneath this huge bridge, motorboats take you on a tour to the islands. But if you prefer a more sophisticated trip, the Ciudad de Rosario ship will take you on a cruise along the Paraná river for some 10 dollars, or less. All the area that runs along the Parana river has high class residences, a beautiful coastal avenue, and -as I said before- beyond the Alem Park there are beautiful beaches at La Florida. My brother's family lives there, and I have gone there many times. Although fishing is not ideal near the city, if you go canoeing to the islands, you stand a good chance of fishing dorados, as my nephew Robin has many times. It may not be as good as the Middle or Upper Paraná areas, but it is still enjoyable. The Monument to the Argentine Flag is really impressive, and the whole Port area is full of modern building overlooking the river. Boulevard Oroño has elegant residences, and Independencia Park is really beautiful, with a rose garden, a lake for rowing... Couples that get married generally come to the park for their photos. There are good shopping centers to visit, movie centers like Village Cinemas, the main shopping area is pedestrian. The Fine Arts Museum is one of the most important ones of its type in Argentina. In the nearby area of San Lorenzo is the Convent where San Martin’s army won its first battle for the Independence of what is today Argentina, plus the nearby countries. Safety in Rosario is average, but if you use your common sense (avoid crowded and solitary areas, and late hours on the street) you should have no problems. Rosario is only twl hours away from Paraná and Santa Fé, and some two hours beyond Paraná you have a good fishing destination, Esquina.

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