Zagreb, City with a Heart (Private 2-hour Tour)

Zagreb Classic
Zagreb, a City with a Heart (Private 3-hour Tour)
Zagreb, a City with a Heart (Private 3-hour Tour)
Zagreb, a City with a Heart (Private 3-hour Tour)
Zagreb, a City with a Heart (Private 3-hour Tour)
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Explore Zagreb, the cultural, political and economic center of Croatia, with a guide in this 2-hour tour.

Our tour begins at the foot of the Zagreb Cathedral. Originally started in the 11th century, this cathedral was badly damaged and rebuilt during the early 1900s. Stop to admire the cathedral’s impressive neo-gothic architecture.

From there we will pass through the city’s central market and walk along bustling Tkalčićeva Street, the old hub of the old town and today home to some of Zagreb’s most popular bars and restaurants.

The Stone Gate, once the main entrance to the medieval town, will be our next stop at the top of Radićeva Street.

After stopping by the second oldest pharmacy in Europe, built in 1355, we will reach one of the jewels of Zagreb's architecture, St Mark's Church.

Admire the church’s vibrant and colorful rooftop tiles before moving on to the Palace of the Croatian Government, and the Croatian Parliament.

From here, we will carry on to the Lotrščak Tower to enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the Croatian capital.

Afterwards we will hop onto Zagreb’s funicular to the lower town. At 66 meters, it is one of the smallest funiculars in the world, and is an important cultural monument for Zagreb.

Once in the lower town, we will walk along the city’s central shopping strip towards Josip Jelačić square.

The tour ends at Manduševac fountain, where legend has it that those who throw a coin to the fountain will one day come back to Zagreb.

Service details

  • EUR 80,00 per Trip
  • Available Anytime
  • Duration: 2 Hour(s)
  • From 1 to 50 people

Travel pro profile

  • Speaks English, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish
  • Licensed Guide