Yazd Isfahan Shiraz Tehran Historical-Cultural Tour

Hi there dear tourist!

Thanks for your interst in visiting Iran!

I am originally from Yazd,Lincenced there in tour guide trainging institution.I know Yazd well since as my hometown.

about Isfahan I've passed a course about local guiding of Isfahan.

I've spent many hours to expolre around Isfahan.

Guiding many tourist around in the following places:

I am sure I can make you intersted as well,actullaly this is not me this Isfahan which can make you intersted;Isfahan the "half of the world"(was in its time) famous in persian as "Nesfe Jahan".

*Aliqapu 6floor palace (with Music room)

beatiful and creative Architecture

*Naqshe Jahan Square (with 5 monuments)


*33pol & Khajoo bridge

*Shaking! minaret.

we can easily get around by bikes and car. that's your choice.

about Yazd


*Shaking minaret again

*The old village itself (Old accmodation complex)(4000 years old village)

*Chekchcku (Zorostrainas)

*Tower of silence (For dead bodies)

*Fire temple (1500 years old on! fire)

*Jame mosque (Great Architecture)

*Ziaaeea school (Alander prison)

*Wind catchers (Dolat abad:48 metter hight)

*Watering system of desert (complete 1h water tour in water museum)

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