"Hiking Tour"

"Hiking Tour"
Riza Tabayocyoc

This is a group from France. That I took a Hiking Tour for 2 days here in Negros Oriental.

Day 1: I took them to Forest Camp for some nature, refreshing and cool hiking. We stay there from morning till lunch time. they enjoy hiking around the river, soaking in the cold pool and even enjoying the water stream. Then we took out lunch for the serve International and native food. Then we continue our journey to Casaroro Falls, where we took almost 360 steps going up and down to the Falls area. But once they are down there they enjoy the cold ambiance of the very nature surroundings of the Falls. We end the day with a nice dinner at Whynot Restaurant.

Day 2: I took them to "Twin Lake" where we take 24km. of hike in and out of the Lake. It was a hot day and they really enjoy it, when we get there the administration of the Lake won't allow us to go for a swim, so we just take a hike around the lake to the second lake. Go Kayaking and boating after the hike. And we take late lunch at there restaurant where you can view the 2 lakes.

We went back to Dumaguete City and end the Tour with a dinner at Hayahay Restaurant.

Tour details

  • $25 per Day
  • Available Anytime
  • Duration: 2 Day(s)
  • From 2 to 5 people

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