A nice Tour Guide who shows you the best Shenyang!

Hi, I am Moting. I am from Shenyang, very familiar with all Shenyang attractions, as well as Shenyang culture and history. I can give you advice and travel tips as well. I have been providing my services to foreigners in Shenyang and Beijing on a part-time basis for 6 years. I do private tour guide and also do translation for Musical festival & Master class and all occasions about music.

My major is piano performance, so I know all the best theaters and performances in Shenyang,if you want to listen some concerts, recitals or Folk Drama,I can give you any tip and suggestion about all that.

If you need to book train/flight tickets i might can help you too. I can pick you up at the Airport or Train Station so you wont feel nervous when your first time come to Shenyang

I have a nice car with an experienced driver.

I could be your shopping assistant as well, Shenyang local food, big shopping malls, delicious and affordable restaurants, etc. Name one and i can find it.

I also be able to travel to Dalian, Anshan, Benxi, the cities that around Shenyang, we could take trains or long distance buses.

I’m glad to be your tour guide, contact me if you need any help or Shenyang travel info.

Contace me without hesitate ^_^ !!

Service details

  • 80$ per Day
  • Available Anytime
  • Starts at Sanhao Street, Shenyang

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  • Private Individual