Hidden Italy: Calabria

Hidden Italy: Calabria

The amazing Riace Warriors, unique bronze Walk through the city and enjoy its Promenade,''Italy's most beautiful kilometer''.

Walk around the fishermen's village of Scylla, the same one mentioned in Homer's Odyssey Tropea and Cape Vatican, popularly called ''the Gods' Coast'', where white-sand beaches alternate with rocky coastlines.

Pentedattilo, an abandoned village on a hand-shaped rock The surrounding area provides rich possibilities for walks in a wilderness, inhabited by the descendants of the ancient Greeks.

The Aspromonte mountains, whose highest peak is Montalto (1956m). From here you can enjoy breath-taking views of the Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas at one time.

Locri Epizephiri,one of Italy's most important Magna Graecia cities, and Gerace, a medieval town full with Byzantine churches and monasteries

The Byzantine area of Mount Consolino and Bivongi with its Byzantine monastery, still run by Greek monks The Cattolica of Stilo,a Byzantine temple of the 10th century,one of Calabria's finest examples of its Magna Graecia legacy.

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