Hi friends!

Hi friends!

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I'm Herman, 22, from Roraima, Brazil. I made this profile because I love to work with tourists and show them what we've got the most beatiful in my city and in my country. It happend something a little weird some time ago. Once I was in Santa Helena, Venezuela, with some friends of mine to spend the weekend, then we found some lonely french toursit. He was really scary. They had stole his package, his money and his traveling tickets in Caracas, Venezuela. Then, once I was the only one who speaks english, we decide to help him. I brought him to my home in Brazil for free and I introduced all of my family and my friends. It was such a nice experience because I could show him a little more of my culture e he about life in Europe. So, I'm here available to help anyone who desires to come for visiting us here in Roraima, Brazil.

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