Experienced interpreter and sourcing agent

Nicole N

Have been in trade biz for more than 6 years . I am experienced in different fields such as home furnishings, construction materials,apparel&garment ,cosmetics electronics etc. Always conduct a detail-oriented inspection before rush -to-do ,I only choose reputable suppliers for my clients . Besides get the most competitive price for you , I also make sure all the goods you get are up to standard , exactly like the samples you receive. Arrange the ideal shipment , help you build your own liaison in China’s government and media ...To save your budget is always my goal. Also I can offer you an interesting valuable tour-guide around all China. My clients always think I am an easygoing smart girl who has a keen insight into China economy , making their biz-doing in China much happier and easier .

Service details

  • Available Anytime
  • Starts at Traveler's Location

Travel pro profile

  • Speaks Cantonese, English, Zulu
  • Interpreter