In Aladag, Demirkazik, Cukurbag, Turkey

In Aladag, Demirkazik, Cukurbag, Turkey

Hi. My name is Ali Safak. I am a birdwatching guide in Turkey (mostly in Aladag and Tourus area) I made a web site about birdwatching in aladag and turkey. If you think to come I can help you and I can arrange you everything what you need. Here are the list of birds in my area.

BIRDS SEEN AROUND CUKURBAG AND ALADAG MOUNTAINS Griffon Vulture, Coshawk, Kestrel, Caspian Snowcock, Chukar, Rock Dave, Alpine Swift, Hoopoe, Short-toed Lark, Crag Martin, Swallow, House Martin, Tawniy Pipit, Tree Pipit, Gray Wagtail, Wien, Black Redstart, Redstart, Isabellina Wheatear, Wheatear, Ring Ouzel, Mistle Thrush, Lesser Whitethroat, Whitethroat, Goldcrest, Spotted Flycatcher, Coal Tit, Rock Nuthatch, Alpine Chough, Chaffinch, Red-Fronted Serin, Serin, Goldfinch, Rock Bunting, Cinereous Bunting, Ortolan Bunting, We have a tractor and a 4-wheel drive vehicle for the tours. We can take you to many birding areas in the Turkey. We can also take you to the van Lake, Kulu Lake (best bird-lake in Turkey) or Sultan Marshes (number and variety of ducks which can be most impressive), Birecik area, Seyfe lake (famous flamingo areas) Konya (Eregli Marches), Akseki, Tarsus delta, Yesilce famous for a collection of specialities including (red-tailed wheatear, Great eastern, Rock Nuthatch, white-throated Robin) and Gksu delta with guidance and vehicle support, But, the most popular tour is the one that includes famous Caspian Snowcock in Aladag Mountains. We can arrange what you need. The essential guide to birding in south central Turkey is Dave Gosney's 'Finding Birds in Turkey: Ankara to Birecik'. This is surely a must and if you do not have one, you can borrow from our small library. Our name is also in that book. (Part one Page 13) Also We worked with also other famous birders such as Ian Green. Our name is also in his book. A Birdwatchers' Guide to Turkey by Ian Green and Nigel Moorhouse. Please write us if you need information about birdwatching in aladag and If you have groups to Turkey! If you can put a link of my website to yours we would be very happy.

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  • euro per Day
  • Available Anytime
  • Duration: Flexible
  • From 1 to 18 people
  • Starts at cukurbag koyu turkey, 5100
  • Transportation available

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