Neighborhood Nooks And Noshes

Join me as I excavate the city of Toronto to unearth a wealth of communities rich with multicultural jewels. Enjoy a piece of sweet Finnish pulla after a stroll through the lavish lanes of Rosedale, or savour the fruits of local vendors at the Dufferin Grove Farmer's Market or the Riverdale Farm. There is no better way to appreciate the ingenuity and resourcefulness that distinguish artisans within the Toronto art community than with a visit to one of the many shows held throughout the year, from the overwhelming Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit to the intimate Roncesvalles community festivals. Only when eating fresh, hot Korean walnut cakes amongst the greenery of Christie Pits or biting into a back bacon sandwich alongside the St. Lawrence Market lunch crowd can the unique flavour of Toronto be absorbed. Bring an appetite for the unexpected and leave full of inspiration!

Service details

  • $20 per Day
  • Available Weekdays
  • Duration: Flexible
  • From 2 to 8 people
  • Starts at Traveler's Location

Travel pro profile

  • Speaks English, French, Japanese
  • Private Individual