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All India Birding Tours, are carefully researched and tested birding trips to chosen hot spots in India, dedicated to arranging hassle - free birding holidays. Ten years of experience in operating adventures in remote parts of India and over five years of ground research has gone into the creation of our birding tours. I have explored well known birding destinations and discovered lesser known hot spots. Our team is dedicated to giving you a birding experience to remember. They have the expertise and local knowledge. Together we plan to make your dream Indian birding holiday happen. We will do it at reasonable cost, and we will operate your birding trips with efficiency and absolute reliability. Over 1200 of the world’s 8650 species are found in India. India's bird check- list is twice the size of Europe and North America. This abundance is attributable to the extraordinary variety of habitat and climate, which include; coastal mangrove forests, tropical deciduous forests, coniferous & Sub-Alpine Forests, dense evergreen forests, scrubland, grassland, open cultivated land and desert - both hot and ice cold. The habitat ranges in altitude from sea level to the highest mountain ranges – We can take you birding up to altitudes of 5000 meters. The climate varies between extreme hot to the alpine cold of the snowy regions. Our rainfall spans from minimal in the desert region to the wettest in the World - 1150 cms. You could well end up with a list of over 200-400 birds on any of our trips.

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