Barcelonan Girl Offers Non-Touristic Catalonia

Barcelonan Girl Offers Non-Touristic Catalonia

I live in the center of Barcelona and I have friends from over the world. I know the "pinturesque and bohemian" bars, restaurants, clubs... that still we have in Barcelona and there are for barcelonian people, there are few places but we could show them to the tourist they are going to Barcelona, Costa Brava o others places of Catalonia. I have worked before like touristic guide in Spain: with seniors groups for 2 years and for friends and friends of my parent, who is architect and a university teacher. I have as well a good knowledge of Art and I used to visit frequently Museums in Barcelona and others citys, because I like to travel (of course) Why to choose me? Because I am a easy going person, I enjoy very much this kind of job and I am a good leader of groups.

Service details

  • 30€ per Hour
  • Available Anytime
  • Duration: Flexible
  • From 1 to 20 people

Travel pro profile

  • Speaks English, French, Spanish
  • Private Individual