Tilos Park Association Bird Watching Tours

Tilos Park Association Bird Watching Tours
Tilos Park Association

Tilos and its 16 uninhabited islets are a Corine Biotopes Project region, Important Bird Area (IBA), EU registered Special Protection Area, Natura 2000 site, and 2005-2008 European Union Tilos LIFE Nature Project host. Tilos has 155 documented wild bird species (one quarter of which are identified in Annex I of the EU Birds Directive, including the Eleonora Falcon, to which Tilos is seasonal home to 10% of the entire world population); more than 800 recorded botanical species, including 28 orchid species of which 8 are rare; 6 mountains and the highest, regional formations of coastal limestone cliffs; 19 beaches, predominantly accessible only by foot; a marine environment that shelters the IUCN Red Listed sea turtle (Caretta caretta) and Mediterranean Monk Seal (Monachus monachus); underground fresh water springs that nourish the 16 island biotopes with priority habitats; and diverse herpetofauna, certain species of which originated in Asia Minor and Africa and are rare in the European continent. The Tilos Park Association (TPA) is a non-profit NGO founded in Livadia, Tilos, Dodacanese, Greece. The TPA aim is to independently develop and implement nature protection actions and ecotourism.

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