Science Minded: Geology, Paleontology And More

Biospor Tours can take you to the West Coast fossil Park and the West Coast in the flower season or let you experience the incredible vistas of the Karoo. We can show you fossils from as far back as the Devonian Period right up to the incredible Mammal-like Reptiles of the Karoo. If stars are your forte then Sutherland, SALT and the dark Karoo nights will be right up your street. If it is rugged solitude and sweeping vistas you want then the Ceres Karoo and the Ouberg and Gannaga passes will more than satisfy you. At the same time we can take in the incredible variety of succulent plants in the Tanqua. The Geology of the region speaks to us along every kilometer of our journeys and the History of our complex society begs to be told. The mountain passes and their builders, forgotton highways, intruiging characters, quaint place names, vilians, heros and ordinary people all form aprt of the rich tapestry we traverse on our tours. Intersting plants as well as birds and animals, when they allow themselves to be seen, folklore and intersting langusitic interplay in place names that connect various cultural groups. We mix together Deep Geological Time and the planet changing forces that shaped our region, a turbulent and often tragic history, linguistic diversity, a rich and unique plant and animal life, constantly varying scenery, and then the stars at night stretching out across almost unimaginable distances of cold dark space to give you a touring experience that you wil remember and treasure.

Service details

  • $500 per Trip
  • Available Weekends
  • Duration: 3 Day(s)
  • From 5 to 12 people
  • Starts at Spier / Stellenbosch, 7600

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