Kuilau Ridge Tour

Kuilau Ridge Tour
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Kuilau will be an easier trail for those people who want to see some beautiful sites, learn some things, but are not necessarily able to withstand a “hard core” experience. Anybody can climb this muddy uphill (on the way up) and back down the way we came. Most of the trail is covered by a canopy of a variety of local trees, some of them ancient and immense. We will stop for a snack at the covered picnic area on the top of the ridge. On a rare clear day we will see Mt. Waialeale with the Lihue basin in the distance to the Southeast, and even glimpses of the North side of Nounou (The Sleeping Giant. ) As well we will have a close-up view of the Makaleha Mountains, especially the Southwest face of Kapehua’ala. Moalepe inclusion (4+ hours) - $95 per person This tour addition is for people who want more of a challenge, and to see more of the area. This will be a one way trip up the Kuilau trail and down Moalepe trail. The added views of Kapaa and the ocean in the distance are exceptional. We have many more tour offerings. Please contact us for other suggestions if you do not see what you want here.

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The guide was a lot of fun that provided a lot of great information about the local fauna. Good workout.


This was a very enjoyable experience. The tour guide was very informative and accomodating. The scenery and vegetation along the trail is amazing. I highly recommend this trail especially for those who may not be used to hiking in mountains.

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Persoanl Eco tours by guides that know it all! We did a hike with Kauai Eco Tours while on a cruise to all the islands. It is the best activity we did on our whole vacation! THis tour is personalized to your needs! You will love your guide and fresh fruit from the local farmers market.


Peter took my fiance' Alex and I on a great trip out across the Na Pali coast on the Nualolo trail in May during our week in Kauai.
It was great to have Peter along to describe all of the plants, animals and terrain features that we came across. This trail covers many different areas of forest, dry scrub and misty highlands. The vistas out on the headlands were really beyond description. Hanging out over the nearly vertical 2000' cliffs that tumble down into the lush valleys of the West coast and all the way down to the glittering azure blue Pacific - it felt like we were flying!

As mentioned in the description, this trail is not one to undertake lightly as it is physically taxing as well as quite long if you aren't racing through it - which you should not!

Peter will take you on a tour of his island that you would not otherwise experience, so sign up and have a great time!