Castle Ashraf Qaitbay

Established by King Sultan Ashraf Abu Nasr Qaitbay al Mahmudi year 1477 A. D. at place of Old Alexandria lighthouse on the eastern side of the island Varos in late State of Mamelukes, It is a separate building 60 meters long, 50 meters introduced, and the wall thickness of 4. 5 meters. This lighthouse had been destroyed after the earthquake of year 1297 A. D. during King el Nasser Muhammad EbN Qala'un who ordered to repair it but it collapse years later until all parts destroyed of the year 1375 A. D. Since the Sultan Ashraf Qaitbay visited Alexandria year 1477 A. D. he went to the site of the old lighthouse and order to build a tower on its old basis which known later as Castle or wounded Ashraf Qaitbay and construction has been completed after two years of the date of construction date And because Castle Ashraf Qaitbay in Alexandria one of the most important castles on the Mediterranean coast, it also stimulated by the Sultans, the rulers of Egypt over the ages in the historical era when time of Mamelukes we could find Sultan Qansou El ghory cared of this citadel considerable attention and increase strength as its protector and shipment of weapons and materiel Since Ottoman seized Egypt used the castle for houses and they were interested in conservation and made by the communities of troop infantry and cavalry, artillery and various garrisons to defend them and then defending the northern coast of Egypt gate Since Ottoman got weakened, fortress began losing their strategic defense and the result of the weakness of its protector; then the French campaign in Egypt under Napoleon Bonaparte seized it and the city of Alexandria in 1798 which led to the seizure, which took over the rest of Egypt. As Muhammad Ali Pasha gave ruled of Egypt and worked to fortify Egypt and the northern coastline especially consequently renewing the castle walls and the addition of some items to suit the defensive evolution of the nineteenth century AD was the strengthening of the fence and renovation of buildings and providing guns locked in addition to building several wounded strongholds, which have spread along the coast Egypt's northern Since the revolution of Ahmed Orabi 1882, as a result of which struck the city of Alexandria on July 11, 1882 and then the British occupation of Egypt were vandalized Castle Ashraf Qaitbay events and the cracks The general Architectural planning for castle Qaitbay Ashraf Qaitbay castle built on an area of 17550 square meters have been built on this area the fortress walls of their defenses Foreign War, a set of walls built to increase immunization fortress. These walls consist of 2 great walls of huge stones that surround the castle from outside and inside prepared to protect the citadel The first wall is the outer wall of the castle and takes four directions The eastern side of this fence overlooks the sea with a width of 2 meters and a height of eight meters and do not contain any towers The Western side is a huge wall thickness greater than the rest of the walls of the fortress, including three round towers and it considered the oldest remaining parts fence The southern side is overlooks the eastern harbor and contain three round towers and at the center of it there is a door The northern side marking directly on the sea and it is divided into two parts; the lower part consists of a large suspension corridor built on a rock directly and contains several rooms The upper part is a way contain narrow corridor of openings overlooking the sea. Interior walls were built of stone and surrounding the main tower form all directions except the north side and permeates this wall from the inside some of neighboring rooms prepared as barracks of Soldiers and they are free of any openings except for openings doors and openings bays allocated to be openings for ventilation hand and opening for defense on the other hand The castle's main tower is located north-western side of the area of the castle and the castle's main tower building consist of three-story square planning figure out from every corner circular tower rises above the surface of the main tower and it was built with limestone firm

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