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dynamik imports brazil and global vision

Hi, Are you coming to São paulo city and need accomodation, guidance, information? I can help you in whatever you may need in exchange for a small easy job. Since you are coming to Brazil, bring me a laptop or topline cellphone and i will buy it from you when you get here. Th reason i am offering this is, i am a trader and sort of brazilian ebayer, so that is how i make my living expenses. I am fully reliable, friendly easy going and a christian human being, so dont worry about scams or security. WE can talk on MSN or webcam, i can send you my resumme if you prefer, all i want is to help you and make some friends and contacts for future business deals. I can take you to the brazilian gemstones wholesaler, not the usual tourist trap you see out there, so if you need anything else just tell me and i will go after it. I have helped some american fellows and can provide references if you request, i can show you around and get you good acommodation, i can be your translator or driver and i can also be your reliable friend in Brazil. Trust me, i am fully transparent and you can know me better beforehand. TRavel safe!!! A friend in need is a friend indeed, right? takecare and feel free to get in touch.

Service details

  • Cost: free
  • Available Weekends
  • Duration: Flexible
  • From 1 to 3 people
  • Starts at paulista avenue, 13100000
  • Transportation available

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