Discovery Ancient Heritage And Rich Culture

Soak up the greatest spectacles of Thailand’s dynamic, fast-paced capital and experience Bangkok’s legendary markets and superb culinary choice. Then, journey down the Chaoprayah River to immerse yourself in the simple and peaceful Thai way of life. Visit Ayuttayah and Sukhothai, two cities, both previously holding the title of capital of Thailand, steeped in ancient culture and heritage. Learn about the origins of the Thai kingdom through the exploration of historical parks, stunning temples and the cities’ original archaic ruins. Stop by the laid back city of Lampang to take in the earliest monuments of the Lanna Kingdom, originally an independent Kingdom of Northern Thailand. Meander up the winding roads of Doi Suthep mountain to look around Chiang Mai’s most important temple, perched over 3, 000 ft over the city. This glistening place of worship contains the most magnificent statues, paintings, Chedis and shrines. But don’t forget to take in the outstanding views the city offers. Spend time talking to the craftsmen of the region whose skills have been passed down through generations and continue to produce marvels in silverware, lacquerware, celadon pottery, silk and cotton, hand-painted umbrellas and much more. See how each product is created and learn how the craftsmen preserve their traditional styles. Perhaps even pick up an attractive buy to remind you of your visit. Visit the elephant conservation camp to learn about how the elephants work in Thailand. They’ll show you a few tricks and then you can ride on the elephant’s back and journey through the forests and down to the river, where you will board a raft made from bamboo. Time to kick back and relax as you take in all the sights, sounds and smells of the forest as you cruise down the River Ping. As if the splendor of Thailand wasn’t enough, we will take you to experience the breath-taking sights of The Golden Triangle, where the borders of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos converge. As well as enjoying these glorious views, you can explore the bustling markets, indulge in cuisine from all three countries and even journey into the Kingdom of Myanmar to see how contrasting their culture is to that of Thailand.

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